Kneipp culture

Would you like to go on a Kneipp tour in our region?

Kneipping is a health philosophy that aims to bring body, mind, and soul into harmony. It is based on regular training and physical hardening, for example by treading water.

This naturopathic treatment is named after its founder Sebastian Kneipp. In the 19th century, the Bavarian priest developed five pillars for a health-promoting lifestyle: the power of water, a balanced diet, the use of medicinal plants, regular exercise, and a balanced lifestyle. The knowledge and practice have been passed on from generation to generation ever since. The tradition is kept alive by Kneipp clubs, Kneipp facilities, and the transmission of Kneipp therapies.

There are also some Kneipp clubs in the TERRA.vita Nature and Geopark region, such as in Bad Essen or in the Tecklenburger Land. They regularly offer informational events or group movement events. In addition, there are numerous possibilities whereby you can participate by yourself in Kneipp activities: water treadmills, herb gardens, the Barfußpark Lienen, (Barefoot Park in Lienen), the Holtgräwe Health Center, or in the accredited Kneipp spa town of Bad Iburg.

In 2015, Kneipping was included in the nationwide list of intangible cultural heritages by UNESCO.

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