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Our Tasks and Goals

Nature conservation and landscape preservation
Sustainable tourism
Education and communication
Sustainable regional development

What is a Nature Park?

Nature parks are spacious, large-scale landscapes that consist mostly of landscape- or nature conservation areas. They are characterized by a great variety of species and biotopes as well as diverse uses – a cultural landscape in which man and nature are closely linked. There are landscapes to touch, to experience, and to participate in! Nature parks have set themselves the task of showing what distinctive features there are in the plant and animal worlds, in the landscape, and also in the cultural traditions of the respective regions.

As described in the guidelines for nature parks, the Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita has long been concerned with making nature and the environment tangible – a core theme, thereby, is geology. We are also committed to the promotion of soft tourism, nature conservation and landscape management in the sense of sustainable, regional development.

What is a UNESCO Global Geopark?

Earth history up close and personal is our motto! UNESCO Global Geoparks, especially, are large-scale areas that feature particularly exceptional geological developments as well as significant, rare, or uniquely beautiful phenomena. Their common goal is to protect the geological heritage and to make the history of the earth tangible. This is intended to bring people closer to their region and to promote identification with their “home.”
The essential questions we are dealing with are therefore: Which layers of rock from which phases of the earth’s history can we find here? What makes our landscape so special? Which geological forces were at work? What do they signify for today’s natural topography, vegetation, animal world, and soil development? Which raw materials are there, where, and why? How were they or are they used? To bring the consideration of these questions and their answers alive for visitors and locals alike, we have given our creativity free run.

For example, we have created adventure trails and information placards, audio recordings for lookout points, thematic cycling and hiking routes, educational materials, excursions, geological tours, and theme brochures and leaflets. For lively exchanges of ideas and experiences with our partner Geoparks, we turn to our international networks at: European Geoparks and Global Geoparks.

What is a UNESCO Global Geopark? Here you find an explanation video by the German UNESCO commission (in German).

Here you find a video on the UNESCO Global Geoparks by the Global Geopark Network.

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The Master Plan for the Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita Develops Strategies for the Future

The Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita has been active for humans and nature for more than 50 years, and has undergone various development phases during that time. Most recently, a further developmental step has been launched: a Master Plan that should answer questions such as: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the park?, How do things continue in the intermediate-term?, What is the central focus for the future?, How can we make the best use of the new EU funding period?, and Are the internal structures and management sustainable in the future?

To draw up this Master Plan, TERRA.vita formed a working group of people from the fields of tourism, nature conservation, business development, and municipalities. In five workshops, the group prepared and delivered contributions on such subjects as regeneration and regional development, education and communication, nature and landscape, and management structure. Under the chairmanship of Thomas Wilken from Kontor 21 in Hamburg, a final, future-oriented document was submitted in the summer of 2015.

The entire Master Plan can be viewed or downloaded from the download area. Here, we present our mission statement and guidelines as the mail essence of the Master Plan:

Our guiding principle, our vision is:

The Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita is the leading region for earth hstory- oriented experiences and education in Germany.

The following guidelines present fundamental ways of achieving this objective.
They form our framework for action:

The great number and variety of witnesses to earth’s history form the unique selling point for our landscape. Earth’s history is therefore also the central theme of our Nature and Geopark.

Based on the increased, and expected to continually increase, expectations of our guests, we focus on the quality of our offerings. The assurance of quality of existing offers has priority over the development of new offers.

We take into account both the compulsory and self-imposed tasks of the Nature and Geoparks, but we also set our own priorities that mirror a limited number of topics and objectives in our five central fields of action.

Nature and the landscape are our central tourist capital. As a Nature and Geopark, we have a special responsibility for its preservation and ecologically sustainable development.

We offer our visitors not only intensive insights into nature, but also impart to them knowledge of the background and context in a clear and contemporary form. In this way, we promote understanding and appreciation for nature.

By enhancing the touristic offers in our region and specifically cooperating with nature park-relevant institutions and establishments, we support our regional economy.

Our offers are directed primarily to active, nature-interested day trippers and short-term vacationers. In the field of environmental education, we are also particularly interested in school classes.

Our Nature and Geopark is only as strong as the support and network of its partners. That is why we actively involve regional stakeholders in our work, coordinate our activities with partners, and participate in existing networks.

We carry out our own projects above all when they affect or core competency in the area of geological history-oriented experiences of nature and landscape, and/or are relevant for the entire Nature and Geopark system. In other cases, we consider ourselves as providers of impulses for the sustainable development of our region
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