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TERRA.park Fascination of Soil

In May 2000, within the framework of the worldwide EXPO 2000 project “Fascination of Soil,” an exhibition park was opened on Schölerberg in Osnabrück that is supposed to expose lay people to the topic of soil. The project is sponsored by the Nature Conservation Foundation of Osnabrück county.

The park, which is located just next to the Natural History Museum, is composed of four elements: a 60-meter-long (~200 feet) geological profile showing the composition/structure of the ground of the land surrounding Osnabrück, including an exhibition of the most important rock strata of the region; an approximately 2.5 acre landscaped garden showing different, region-typical soil uses. 

In the center of this garden is a pavilion demonstrating the various soils that are typical for the various landscapes. There is also a natural playground for young soil scientists to let their imaginations run free. The park aims to familiarize different target groups with soil as an important part of nature. Therefore, we will offer guided tours, educational programs, and project mornings for school classes and other groups.

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