The Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita was founded in 1962, and until 2002 was called the Naturpark nördlicher Teutoburger Wald – Wiehengebirge (the Nature Park of Northern Teutoburger Forest and Wiehen Mountains). But more than just the name has changed in the last several years – we are now one of only 7 German and 169 Geoparks worldwide that have been recognized since November 2015 as UNESCO Global Geopark.

A Global Geopark, like TERRA.vita, is a region within reasonable boundaries that has a significant geological heritage, has a functioning management, and contributes to regional developmentenvironmental education, and the creation of a natural recreational infrastructure. The status and development of these parks are reviewed every four years, because the label Global Geopark is above all a sign of quality!

With well over 100 natural monuments and geological phenomena, numerous nature reserves and 28 NATURA 2000 sites, which are among the European Premium Protection areas, TERRA.vita offers you intense natural experiences from the still to the spectacular.

For example, a dense network of bicycling trails enables you to explore the region on Theme Tours with electric bikes and all sorts of adventurous TERRA.trails. In addition, excellent regional hiking trails as well as well-known long-distance trails guarantee splendid views and insights into a rich cultural landscape with tradition and a natural backdrop that surprises and inspires.

Of course, we can leave you on your own if you want. But, before your trip in our Nature and Geology Park, we can also provide you with all the information you need to find the places or routes you are most curious about. And if you want to be introduced to specific topics, simply join one of the excursions, courses, or outings offered by our Tourguides.

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