Individual tours

On the road with TERRA.vita Tour guides

Between March and October, the TERRA.vita tour guides are on the road, by horseback or bicycle, to show you the most beautiful corners of the park. As part of our annual program, there are numerous guided tours available that you can easily join. Our Tour Guides are mostly volunteers – but of course, if you enjoyed the tour, small donations are gladly accepted.

Are you traveling with a group of eight or more people? Do you want to get to know the region, but don’t have the desire to wrangle with maps or signs? Then arrange a private tour with us. Let us know your wishes, what you are interested in, and what your requirements are. We with arrange an appointment with our Tour Guides and organize a unique trip for you in the Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita.

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Fax: +49541/501-4424

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