Mushroom advice in the Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita

Mushrooms have always interested and fascinated humanity – earlier cultures even ascribed them many mystical powers. Mushrooms also played an inherent role in the field of medicine. And of course, mushrooms have an irreplaceable importance in the ecological cycle. For most mushroom lovers, however, the focus is their culinary enjoyment. What could be better than to prepare your own mushrooms gathered during a walk in the woods.

Naturally, to do this safely, an exact knowledge of the collected mushrooms is essential, because the woods contains not only the coveted edible mushrooms, but also many inedible, poisonous, and even deadly poisonous ones as well! As there are nearly 3000 large mushroom species in Lower Saxony alone, it is really not easy to maintain an overview of them all.

The best way to acquire knowledge of this huge mushroom realm is to contact a mushroom consultant or mushroom expert. There are many such people even in our region, including several certified mushroom consultants and authorized experts as well as learning centers, who offer their services in the Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita. Public events about mushrooms can be found in our event calendar. Dates and costs for private mushroom foraging hikes, lectures, exhibitions, and courses can be arranged with the respective mushroom consultant in your area. Please contact them via email. Periodic meetings of the “Mushroom Friends of Osnabrück” take place in the Nackten Mühle in Osnabrück. All interested persons are cordially invited.

If you have any suspicion of mushroom poisoning, please contact the Giftinformationszentrum Nord:(Poison Information Center North)

Telefon: 0551 19240

Further interesting information about the world of mushrooms as well as a list of authorized mushroom experts throughout all of Germany can be found on the internet site of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mykologie e.V. (German Society for Mycology).

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