Environmental education

One of our core tasks is environmental education

We want to convey a conscientious handling of our environment and its natural resources. For us, as a UNESCO Global Geopark, along with ecology, imparting knowledge of Earth’s

history is a major priority. To achieve this, we have developed an entire series of various materials and media. And, those who want to go on a guided adventure tour, will find our  TERRA.guidesto be the perfect contact.

Within the Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita, there are also numerous competent partners, organizations, and institutions offering professional environmental education for school classes, families, and groups. These are all trained specialists! In addition to topics on ecology, there are also many topics dealing with the geology and history of the earth in our region. And of course, direct experiences in and with nature are always of paramount importance – group experiences and teamwork included!

There are also places right in the middle of nature that are just perfect for outdoor lesion with school classes.

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