Kasper Theater

"Hurray, hurray, Kasper is here!" – puppet theater in Osnabrück

Kasper (similar to Mister Punch in the Punch and Judy shows) and his great antagonist, the crocodile, have been delighting young and old in puppet theaters for generations. The tradition of hand puppets actually goes back to the 14th century. The principle of these shows has constantly evolved and adapted to the spirit of the times. Traditionally, current social issues were often treated critically and playfully in puppet theater and thus made accessible to the younger generation. Today, mostly fairy tales, children's books, and other well-known stories are performed. Currently, however, plays for adults are also very popular. The original pedagogical idea still plays a central role, but is no longer necessarily tied to Kasper, who is only rarely seen as a character depending on the theater.

The Osnabrück Puppet Theater (Figurentheater Osnabrück) in the Alte Fuhrhalterei has been cultivating the traditional art form of puppetry since 1989. It hosts regular performances between September and July. The schedule includes a colorful program with classic and new puppet theater pieces for children and young people, the spectacular shadow theater, and amusing performances for adults.


The Kasper puppet theater as a theater principle has been listed in the nationwide UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritages since 2021.

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