Jurassic (201 - 145 million years ago)

The supercontinent Pangaea, at that time the only continent on Earth, broke up and the Atlantic Ocean gradually opened up. TERRA.vita lay always oscillating between the depths of the Jurassic Sea, in which the famous Vehrter Schwarzkreide (a very dark claystone) was deposited under oxygen-free conditions and the northern coast of a large island called the Rhenish Massif ...


The sea was always pleasantly tropical and warm. One day, about 153 million years ago, a herd of small-bodied long-necked dinosaurs (relatives of the Europasaurus) and three large predatory dinosaurs (theropods) walked along the coastal area of the island and left their footprints. What else might have happened that day? The dinosaur tracks of Bad Essen-Barkhausen can be admired today on a rock wall.


The rocks of the Jurassic period are now exposed along the Wiehengebirge and in the Bielefeld area. Saurians have been found in the region, including the Wiehenvenator albati, the "hunter from the Wiehengebirge", and marine reptiles with flippers such as Arminisaurus schuberti.

Experience the Jurassic in the Vehrte black chalk pit, at the Bad Essen-Barkhausen dinosaur tracks, in the Saurierfährten Bad Essen-Barkhausen, im  Kleinenbremen visitor mine or at the Emperor William monument in Porta Westfalica.

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